About Us

Sacranie, Gow and Company “SGOW” is a leading corporate and commercial law firm in Malawi.

Founded on 2nd April 1949, SGOW is one of Malawi’s oldest law firms. SGOW was founded as a full-service firm, and over the years has developed a niche in the corporate and commercial sectors representing corporate clients, and is fully committed to fully servicing the corporate clientele.

SGOW’s clientele includes multinational corporations, international financial institutions, both development financial institutions as well as private lenders,
international law firms, as well as local conglomerates.

SGOW is dedicated to providing clients with the best quality legal advice to help them achieve their goals and overcome legal challenges.

Our clients depend on us to find innovative solutions to complex business and legal issues. We leverage our wealth of experience to help clients handle the daily challenges they face.

SGOW has recently developed expertise in the renewable energy sector, advising developers, EPC contractors, and lenders on the leading solar, wind, and hydro projects in Malawi.

SGOW is a founding member of Lex Africa, established in 1993, as a legal alliance of leading law firms in Africa in over 20 African countries, and is Africa’s largest legal alliance. SGOW is an independent member, and functions as an independent law firm based in Malawi with a ‘best friends’ approach to international law firms.